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The International Society for Otitis Media is a non-profit organization that provides an international forum to advance the frontiers of research, education, and patient care as they relate to otitis media.  The Society will achieve this mission by (a) disseminating information about otitis media, (b) supporting, coordinating, and enhancing efforts to improve communication and collaboration among Society Members, related disciplines, and related societies, (c) facilitating otitis media research by creating and exchanging knowledge, and (d) sponsoring meetings at which those interested in otitis media can present new research, identify research needs, and work collaboratively to promote optimal clinical management.

Diego Preciado, MD


Welcome to the President’s Message for the International Society for Otitis Media (ISOM)!


It is really a tremendous privilege and honor to serve as President for ISOM. Given that Otitis Media is a ubiquitous disease process in which discovery and advances span through multiple medical specialties and global geographical regions, ISOM plays a critical role in providing a unifying platform and forum for cross-specialty pollination and scientific interaction.  As such, I am firmly of the opinion that ISOM is the single most important professional entity which serves the interests of not only clinicians and investigators interested in Otitis media, but for children across the globe with the condition.  A particularly appealing component of the ISOM is its role in organizing the biannual International OM Symposium.  The OM Symposium accomplishes the ever-difficult task of grouping leaders in OM research from all medical fields and corners of the world into one single highly interactive, exceedingly collegial scientific forum.  The benefits afforded by having the ability to learn and engage in scientific exchange with OM leaders, individuals and their research groups is immeasurable.  Into the future, ISOM is and will continue to be a place where young and more seasoned practitioners can learn from each other to ultimately improve the care of children.  Personally, I feel ISOM has served this purpose for my own professional life and as such feel tremendously indebted to the Society. 

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Diego Preciado, MD, PhD
ISOM President

Vice Chief, Pediatric Otolaryngology
Director, Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship
Co-Director of the Cochlear Implant Program


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